LAMINATES of different construction and thickness made from the following materials:


aluminium from 7 to 120 microns


paper from 19 to 200 gr/m2


NVR natureflex (cellophane) from 20 microns


biodegradable films


polyester films from 12 to 300 microns


polypropylene films from 15 to 60 microns


polyethylene films from 20 to 200 microns

We can also laminate polyamide films, PVC films and various other non-food applications.

Types of laminates:

mono-material laminates

These are laminates made from two or more layers of the same material, with the main
advantage being the fact they are easily recyclable.

biodegradable laminates

Biodegradable laminates are made from films that are certified as biodegradable. Packaging made from these materials is environmentally friendly and decomposes under natural conditions.

compostable laminates

We make these laminates from materials that are certified as compostable, so packaging
made from this type of laminate can be thrown directly onto the home composter

multi-material laminates

These are laminates made from several layers of different materials which can be created in line with the client’s design and expectations. An example of this type of product is the laminate used in the production of Doypacks, which can have printing on metallized film on the front, and a see-through window at the back to show off the product. This type of laminate is made in such a way that the ribbon can be partially metallized or partially transparent, and the printing can be placed anywhere

selective laminates

These laminates are not homogeneous over their entire surface. For example, the outer paper layer of the laminate can have laser-cut openings (“windows”) in it, of any size and shape, which means that after the bag is folded we can still see the packed product through the window. It also gives us the possibility to personalise the packaging to achieve the intended marketing effect.

The second type of selective laminate involves placing the outer layer, such as paper, in strips. Then, after folding the bag, we have a window which covers the entire length or width of the packaging, depending on the type of bag. Another type of selective laminate involves laminating a narrow decorative strip, which is then attached to a wider film or paper. This type of laminate can be used for confectionery packaging, or for gifts and flowers, etc.