About us

EKA Euro Pack Sp. z o.o. manufactures soft, mono and multi-material laminates, as well as a range of ready products made from those laminates, such as bags for use in the food industry.

Our laminates and ready-to-use bags are made using traditional films as well as biodegradable

We can also produce selective laminates, with the possibility to use laser technology to cut out windows of any size or shape in line with the client’s own design and specifications. This means we can create custom-made and personalised products according to demand, trends, tastes and the role the packaging should play.

In addition, we produce confectionery wrappers, which can also have decorative metallized strips glued inside. In this area, we specialise in fudge and toffee wrappers in particular.

Our technical specialists and highly qualified staff are our guarantee of the excellent quality and reliability of the materials we produce.